SJ. Clearly lost.


Name: ~SJ~

Age: 46 ¼

Hometown: Glasgow

Favourite Artist: Too Many Fav’s  I love Luther Vandross, Jamiroque, Souly, funkie, jazzy, uplifting, lots and lots of discoie stuff

Favourite Radio Station: RNR

Favourite TV Show: Deal or No Deal

Favourite Colour: GreenyBlueyPurpleyPink

Favourite Game:  Life

Ambition:  Freedom

The most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me:

When I was dressed as an Egyptian Mummy for Halloween aged 8, for the Brownies Halloween Party, most my bandages feel off and I had to ‘parade’ around the hall in my vest and pants, in a circle with fellow Brownies friends to be judged and say ‘I used to be a Mummy’ ~ I didn’t win the completion 😉  (scarred for life)!!


Twitter: @SJGribben



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